With the pressures that the Covid-19 Pandemic is putting on Wales and the rest of the UK, we understand that there are unprecedented measures put in place when it comes to funerals.

We want to assure you that regardless of whatever happens, we will always do our upmost to make sure that you can say your goodbyes in a dignified manner in a way that is still as individual as the person themself.

Below we've outlined some things to bear in mind when arranging a funeral:

Completing the Paperwork

We would normally sit down with families or go to their home and complete all the necessary paperwork, and we are still happy to do this. However, we want you all to know that we are trying to promote having meetings over the phone, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, email or even post! Most importantly though, know we will do whatever works best for you.


As far as we are concerned, viewings can take place as per normal in our premises as long as an appointment is made and social distancing is adhered to.


We are still able to offer a full variety of hearses, whether it is a horse drawn hearse, a motorcycle hearse, a bicycle hearse, a more traditional silver or black hearse or even a simple estate hearse, you can choose whatever you feel most suitable for your loved one.


Unfortunately, the advice we are following says that due to the nature of up to eight people being in a confined space together, we are unable to offer limousines at this time.


Even though there is a reduction in the variety of available coffins that are being produced in Britain currently to ensure that a constant production can continue, we are extremely proud to announce that we can still offer all of the following coffins:

  • Wood Effect Coffins
  • Veneered Coffins
  • Solid Wood Coffins
  • Wool Coffins
  • Willow Coffins
  • Wicker Coffins
  • Picture Coffins
  • Bamboo Coffins
  • Banana Leaf Coffins
  • Glitter Coffins
  • American Style Caskets
Funeral Attendance

Different cemeteries and crematoriums have different rules on this, although the official government guidance now states that it is immediate family only (however it has been advised to take into account individual circumstances). Generally, they will allow between 10-20 mourners depending on where it is taking place, and that people from different households should at all times be at least 2m apart (including sitting in the chapel). The crematoriums especially have put in various alternatives to help, including webcasts (see below) and Thornhill are offering a free memorial service to take place once the restrictions have been lifted so everyone can congregate together to say their goodbyes.


Again this varies depending on where the funeral is taking place but there is an option to have the funeral viewed live online. If requested, a unique link, login and password which you can send to as many people as you want, meaning everyone can see, hear and feel as part of the service even if they are unable to attend themselves. The cost of this varies from free to £50.


Due to the laws and guidance put in place, unless everyone who will be at the wake is from the same household, this becomes impossible. Please remember that this will not last forever and that a wake (and memorial service if you wish) can be held at a later date, where you can properly celebrate and remember the life sadly lost.

We know that the situation is changing rapidly and we will keep this page up to date. Any questions however, please just give us call on 02921 690022 or email info@ivorthomasfunerals.co.uk.