Funeral Planning

Currently there is a consultation going through parliament in regards to the regulation of funeral plans, some of the reasons being extortionate administration fees and also not always being clear in regards to what they cover.

This is why we offer a funeral planning service instead.

The idea is that you are able to decide what you want for your last journey and have it all written down in your own personalised plan, so then your loved ones know that they can respect your wishes in every respect.

We will run through all aspect of funerals including the finances, we can offer a current figure of how much it would cost and what you can do but with no obligation to prepay. And when the time comes, you can use a different funeral director if you or your family wishes.

For £30 you get a folder which you can keep containing all of your wishes, this also covers the cost of our time and administration, there are no hidden costs.

We can come to your home or wherever you feel is most convenient. We believe that by giving you the information you can make your own informed choices.

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