Even though we are unable to book a date without the paperwork from the registrars (or coroners), we are still able to complete the rest of the paperwork and sort out most of the finer details.
A burial is when someone is laid to rest within a grave. Cremation is when the person is cremated.
We understand things can change so as long as you let us know ASAP, we will always endeavour to make any changes you request.
Disbursements are essentially third party costs, the most common within a funeral being the burial or cremation fee, minister and doctors fees. Unlike most funeral directors, we include these within our fee to simplify the costs.
With a cremation, there can be up to three doctors needing to complete forms for a cremation to take place. The fees for the forms to be completed are covered within our costs.
If you wish to change funeral home at any stage of the process, you are able to. We would pick your loved one up from wherever they are resting and liaise with the other home to exchange paperwork. Please bear in mind that there may be charges for services already provided by the former funeral home.
A minister will conduct a service within a religious framework, a Humanist will not allow any religious sentiment within the service and a Celebrant will celebrate the life of the person and can include religious material if desired.
Put simply, no. A minister can conduct a service at the crematorium or graveside only if you so wish.
Although there is nothing we can do to stop someone coming to a funeral, there are steps we can take to make the funeral more private in order for only people that you want to attend to be there.
There is no legal obligation to use a funeral director, and we are more than happy to just provide services for things that you are unable to do yourself. Please click here for more details on DIY funerals.
There is no set time between arranging the funeral and it taking place as there are many factors that could affect the timescale. We will work with you to organise a befitting date whether it is ASAP or further in the future.
Six people can sit in a limousine, in two rows of three. However, we can also provide befitting transport for various amounts of people.
Yes, but we would have to organise a statutory declaration at the cost of £10.
This depends on the crematorium but we can normally hand you the ashes within a week of the cremation taking place.
There are three main options on how to deal with the ashes; you can keep, bury or scatter them. However, there are hundreds of different options for what you can do with a small amount of the ashes, from putting them in fireworks and vinyl records to making jewellery and candle holders with them.
The final decision lands with the location where you want the funeral to take place. However, we would normally suggest having an open viewing at a designated location for those you wish to be present, as there won’t be much time at the service for people to say their personal goodbyes.
Most crematoriums return ashes in a cardboard casket, which you can receive them in if you wish. Although most people choose a wooden casket or scatter tube, we have also had requests such as a briefcase or a specialised urn, so we will work with you to ensure that the receptacle you choose suits your loved one the best.
No, and it is not something we recommend. Although we will provide it at a family's request, we use alternate methods which we believe are more dignified, respectful, work better and are greener for the environment.
On the consideration that we already have in our possession the clothing that you desire; we can book a viewing for within 48 hours of receiving them into our care.
If you are unable or do not want to have the arrangement meeting in person, we are able to do this either over the phone or by video call. Any documents that need to be signed can be sent by post or email for your signature.
Most churches and crematoriums offer a webcast service, meaning people who have been given the details can watch the service online. If they do not, we can work with the applicant to ensure that those most important will be able to watch.
Deciding the final resting place can be difficult, so please ask us any questions that will help. In the meantime we will hold the ashes free of charge for up to two months, after which we will charge a fee of £1 per night.
Our contract states that £1000 would need to be paid a week before the funeral and then the balance within 14 days of the funeral date. However, we assess each situation individually and we’ll work with you to come to an agreement that works for both parties.
Some funeral directors will give their prices but not include disbursements - we don’t do this. When we give a price, it will include the major third-party costs that you need to pay. We believe in keeping the pricing simple and if you do want something where there is an additional cost, we will tell you before we action it.
We accept funeral payments from the DWP and charitable organisations, and we can offer advice in regards to where to look for help. We also understand that situations change, so if you need to amend an agreed payment, let us know and we will work with you to change the written agreement.
We understand that families can disagree, especially at highly emotional times. If there is a disagreement which cannot be resolved within the family, we will have to take the final decision from the person who signed the contract.

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